What are the Differences Between Car Scissor Lift Table and Vertical Lift Platform for Car?

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Where to park cars now has been a common problems with increasing number of cars and expensive land cost. Parking lot accordingly becomes a luxury for car owners who has to pay much money for limited parking places. Based on this situation, car scissor lift table and vertical lift platform for car, as the representatives of modern parking equipment, has been widely introduced and welcomed by many countries.


Functionally, these two heavy-duty machinery are both capable of offering labor-saving and efficient parking solutions for private or public parking lot. But differences do exits in practical applications of them.

Car Scissor Lift Table

It can also be named as stationary scissor lift for car or scissor lift car lift table. This kind of equipment is mainly used to transport cars to different floors by lifting cars up and down. The biggest premise of using it is that there must be a multi-story parking construction where cars can be parked orderly in each story. The car scissor lift table serves as the intermediary between cars and parking places.

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One of the advantages is that the scissor car lift table can be installed in a pit and the scissor structure can be retracted to the level which is parallel with the ground level. Hence when it doesn’t work, the whole stationary scissor lift table can be stored in the pit, without having influence on pedestrians. And later cars can be driven onto the scissor lift table to be elevated to the parking floor.

Vertical Lift Platform for Car

This equipment is mostly utilized in those places where parking space is extremely limited with expensive parking fees, such as CBD, large shopping mall, administrative center, etc. Its excellent advantage is that it can be designed as a cyclic parking systems with a dozen of parking places forming a rotatory parking equipment, just like a giant wheel.


Although it cannot be retracted, it just takes up more aerial space rather than ground space. Such space-saving and highly efficient parking system will be the mainstream in future parking solution.

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