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Trailer boom lift

Trailer boom lift is always used for many kinds aerial work,it it pushed by the out power,we could provide you the quality and good price product.

  • Towable boom lift 6m

    Load capacity: 200kg(440lbs)

    Lifting height: 6000mm(19.69ft)

    Power: AC,diesel power,battery power or Bi-energy

    Towable boom lift is used for aerial work,such as painting, maintain and cleaning etc. This boom lift can be mounted on trailer or truck to move freely from one place to another.
  • 8m AC power tow behind articulating boom lift

    Load capacity: 200kg(483lbs)

    Lifting height: 8000mm(26ft)

    Power: Diesel power

    8m AC power articulating boom lift is moved by trailer or truck, lift driven by customer's local power. Mostly used in workshop, warehouse and station etc. 360-degree rotation of boom lift enlarge work space.
  • Trailer mounted boom lift 10m

    Load capacity: 200kg(440lbs)

    Lifting height: 10000mm(32.8ft)

    Power: AC

    Trailer mounted boom lift is widely used in roads, street light maintenance, shopping malls etc.It could connect with the truck, it with small size and could use in narrow space,there are AC,battery and diesel three powe..
  • Diesel trailing boom lift for sale 10m

    Load capacity: 200kg(440lbs)

    Lifting height: 10000mm(32.8ft)

    Power: Diesel

    Diesel trailing boom lift is one type of articulating boom lift for sale. Used widely for aerial work of cleaning and maintenance. Diesel boom lift can be moved to anywhere needed by trailer or truck.
  • Hydraulic spider lift 12m

    Load capacity: 200kg

    Lifting height: 12000mm

    Power: AC

    Hydraulic spider lift is a new applicable trailing lift for access to high area. With compact size, enable spider lift work freely in narrow space. Easy to be moved around by trailer or truck.
  • Towable man lift 14m

    Load capacity: 200kg(440kg)

    Lifting height: 14000mm(45.9ft)

    Power: AC

    Towable man lift is new type of articulated boom lift. Characterized by compact size, large working range and easy transportation. User can move lift around freely by trailer or truck. Work height ranges from 8m to 14m.

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