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14m Diesel-Powered Articulated Boom Lift

Cherry picker with lift height 14m, lift and move power are diesel engine. We also could use the cherry pickers to do aerial maintain work, cleaning windows indoor and outdoor.

We could supply the max lift height of the cherry pickers for sale is 24m. Lift power could be diesel battery. Load capacity is 230kg for 2 people.

-         The diesel-powered articulated boom lift is sturdy and compact, whichmeans it can reliably operate in small spaces and fit through small openings.

-         Maintenance and repair is easy,as this lift has a swing-out engine tray.

-         For safety, this lift featuresan active oscillation axle that can perceive the terrain and ensure that thelift will land on four wheels, even on uneven road, without reducing thedriving force.

-         It also has an emergencydescend system that guarantees the boom lift can retract and descend in case offailure of the engine or oil pump.


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14m Diesel-Powered Articulated Boom Lift