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MORN GROUP was founded by Mr. Astone, Ms. Rena and their followers in 2008, harboring the dream of producing high quality made-in-china machinery for world market. The office area is located in High-Tech Zone, Jinan, China, an industrial machinery production center. Our office area takes up 1000 square meters and the factory has 27000 square meters, adjacent to Jinan’s largest logistics center. MORN has two independent business department - LASER Business Department and LIFT Business Department. Respectively, LASER Business Department runs the sub-brand “MORNLASER” and LIFT Business Department runs “MORNLIFT” sub-brand. In August 2017, MORN purchased “GEMWAY” as its sub-brand also operated by LIFT Business Department. Production, R&D, sales, quality control and marketing sectors are set under each business department. MORN now has more than 360 senior technicians, including 26 senior engineers and over 150 sales and professional pre-sales & after-sales staff. MORN products covers laser machines (fiber laser cutting/marking machines, CO2 engraving/cutting/marking machines) and lift equipment (hydraulic lift platforms, aerial platforms, home elevators and auxiliary loading equipment). Multiple models and configurations, standard and customized production solutions can meet customers’ diverse work needs. Currently MORN products have been exported to 155 countries and areas, and overseas warehouses and after-sales service center have been established in America, Britain and Philippines.


“Provide more made-in-China products for global markets and build a win-win business relationship with global customers.” As a manufacturer and exporter of machinery equipment, we are obliged to provide high quality and highly efficient industrial infrastructure for the global market. We are also responsible for bringing “Made in China” and “Create in China” to the world. The high-end product quality, professional service, acceptable prices, continuous technological innovation, industrial upgrades, etc. all are the source of our business development.