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MORN hydraulic lift application in Airport

As we all know, most of building in airport is very high. So it will be a big problem when the plane's appearance meet any problem or need to change the light in high place. However our aerial hydraulic lift platform like boom lift or scissor lift will give you big help. Our aerial hydraulic lift with small size, light weight and easy operation advantage. So it is very necessary to have one if you need to work in high place.


Self propelled articulated boom lift is used for changing light in airport. We can provide 14-45m boom lift for your choice. And the self propelled boom lift offers multi-faceted functions of positioning upward, outward and crossing, so that you can reach whatever place you want to go through various ways



Self propelled boom lift is used for maintenance plane's appearance.



Scissor lift is used for loading and unloading goods from ground to plane. Scissor lift is our most advantage model. And we can produce the scissor lift for you according to your any request. Like lifting height, platform size and load capacity can be customized.



So our hydraulic lift can provide big help for you in airport. If you are interested in, just let us know. The best solution will be provided.


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