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Morn hydraulic lifts for home applications


Morn has several type of hydraulic lifts that are perfectly meet our normal family use. Such as our vertical wheelchair lift, stair lift and stationary scissor lift.


Nowadays, people live in tall buildings or two to three floors houses, there are many elder people who are living with a wheelchair. Walking up and down stairs becoming a very big challenge for them. More WL serials vertical travel wheelchair lift provides a solution for this difficulty. With the help of this kind of lift, people with wheelchair lift could go to the outer space by themselves without asking help from other people.



This kind of hydraulic wheelchair lift is powered by electricity, with the feature of low noise, good performance of durable, good looking and small space occupied. Suit both indoor and outdoor, Morn wheelchair lifts are widely used in many countries and situations.


This WL serials disabled lifts could also be added a covering shaft around the whole platform to suit different require of customer. Normally the shaft is made of aluminum frame for stainless steel frame with tempered glasses.



Vertically moved wheelchair lift could also designed to below type. Scissor structure inside with a PVC shirt covering. It takes little space while provide max. usable platform size.



There is another type of lift suit for people with physical disabilities-Morn stair lift. The stair lift move along the stair rails. People could sit on the stair and operate the lift up or down the rail easily.



Stair lift is widely used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, elderly care centers, home and other places, it brings much convenience for them. We could customize perfect stair lift for customers based on their actual conditions and offer verities choices for customer consider.


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