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MORN hydraulic lift application in warehouse

As a lifting solutions specialist, MORN provide easy access for warehouse applications. The following is some products series of MORN hydraulic lift.

With the fast development of world economy, there are more and more warehouse built for store material and other items. In order to save the warehouse space and improve the warehouse use efficiency, the warehouses are built to be multi-storied with many floors or mezzanine. MORN cargo lift is transferring the goods between different floors with stable function and big load capacity.

If the travel is not so tall, and if you want to make the lifting platform to be maximum, we have stationary scissor lift which could meet your need. Compared with cargo lift, the scissor lift need to dig a pit for installation, and also, it has guide rails to make the platform not shake while transferring goods between different floor.

Generally speaking, MORN provide very convenient ways to transfer goods between different floors in warehouse. If you need any lifting solutions in warehouse, please contact us for satisfactory response.

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