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Mobile scissor lift customer feedback

Mobile scissor lift is often used to raise people, tools or goods from a lower height to a higher place. Normally our trailing scissor lift has working height from 3m-20m, widely used for indoor and outdoor working environments such as hotel, workshop, warehouse, super market, banks, train stations, toll stations, airports, construction sites etc.


Morn brand trailing scissor lift are well known both in domestic China and in many foreign countries, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, UK, USA, UAE, Peru and so on.


12m trailing moved scissor lift used in Romania. Customer satisfied on our product very much.




Below is a 12m mobile scissor lift used in Doha. This customer also ordered a 9m height such trailing moved scissor lift. The lifts are used in their own factory house, mainly for roof maintain and some personal aerial works of their product installation and checking.




This is a 10m scissor lift with battery power for lifting up and down. With battery power supply, the lift could be used in a place where there is no AC power, customer do not need connect very long cables to get AC power.




Here the two units scissor lift are standard model of 8meters high with AC power supply. Workers use them to mount advertising boards. The scissor lifts are easy to operate and use, save customer much cost and efforts to install and dismount scaffolds.




Standard model of our scissor lift has load capacity 300-500kg, special required load such as 1000kg or more could also be customized.