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Feedback photos of 8m mobile vertical lift from UK client

We got feedback pictures of 8m mobile vertical lift from our UK client last week.The customer made  the order two months ago. And the main parameters of the lift is: platform height is 8m, max.working height is 10m, load capacity is 200kg, platform size is 1450*600mm, and self-weight is 580kg. Our customer use the lift at his building material industry. He is so satisfied with the mobile lift table.

This kind of portable man lift is made up of high grade aluminum profile. Lightweight design allow it to be easily transported by s single person, and can enter narrow and small area, beautiful structure. It is widely used for the equipment installation and maintenance at the workshop, warehouse, granary, bus/railway station and so on. About the travel height of the two mast small lift, we could provide 8-14m for your choice.

Nowadays, more and more customers choose MORN. We have top quality product and good after-sale service, we are always try the best to meet your requirements. If you are interested in our hydraulic lift, pls feel free to contact us.