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How do you test cargo lift before formal use?


Cargo lift is quite applicable for good delivery in different floors indoor. After assembling, customer should do no-load test of machine for several times.


Before that, please kindly check if voltage of power supply is same with power unit of lift. If not, please use one voltage converter to adjust. Or contact with manufacturer directly.


Second, please ensure hydraulic pipe is connected well with cylinders & oil box. If any oil leakage, replace pipe or tighten nut timely.


Third, please check all oil lines are in good condition. And make sure there is enough hydraulic oil in power unit.


At first, the lift may rise up or fall down slowly. Please don’t worry. That’s because of new cylinders and parts. All will be faster and better after a period of use time. If any other misunderstanding, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional technical team will solve you ASAP.