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How to choose mobile lift for vertical work

Mobile scissor lift and mobile aluminum mast lift are both one man lift for vertical works. Let's learn the differences between the 2 kinds of lifts. Then you could have a clean and wise buying idea.

Mobile scissor lift: goods & people
  a. Standard load 500kg, platform height from ground 3-18meters
  b. Platform size bigger, equipment weight is heavier
Mobile aluminum mast lift: people only
 a. Single mast 3-10m height, load 100kg, 1 man only
    Double mast 8-14m height, load 200kg, 2 man max.
 b.  Smaller platform size, compact and lighter in weight

Compare and options:
1. When client need economical product, or need load capacity more than 200kg, but do not have special require on the machine size, mobile scissor lift is best choice.
2. When client need more compact and lighter lift, do not require heavy load capacity, aluminum mast lift is a good choice, price is a little higher than mobile scissor lift.

3. Aluminum mast lift has same function with telescope cylinder lift. But telescope model could reach much higher. For platform height below 16m, we recommend client consider aluminum lift.

Write to us for a price once you get a correct lift solution. Morn will supply you in-time service.