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Note for use of aerial work platform in rainy day

It kept raining these two days in Jinan City. Electric scissor lift platform is not allowed to use in open area in rainy day. If it was raining when using mobile scissor lift platform outdoor, you should do the protection of pumping stations and electrical lines in advance. Negligence off detail will cause damage to the hydraulic platform lift. And small problems may be happened in next use. For safety and better use, it’s important to pay attention to the normal maintain and care of aerial work platform. Hope following proposal could been your assistance.


First, if it rained when mobile scissor lift is used outdoor, please move the hydraulic lift warehouse or can shelter place.

Secondly, if hydraulic lift accidentally gets wet or mud, water stains on the machine should be dry or clean up, keeping aerial work platform dry and cleaning.

Third, please pay special attention to the power section and take off power. Please kingly check and test the mobile scissor lift before formal use.


1. To work of self-propelled scissor lift, the operator should have experience as a staff charged.

2. To stationary scissor lift, the work should be charged under good weather conditions, it should be noted scheduling, disable reclosing. Please stop reclosure to avoid the strong current if necessary. Operator should stop working of scissor lift when lightning. Adequate lighting at night is needed for maintenance work.


 3, The charging operation is meant the potential of the insulated operating rod, the operating method of the charged washing device works. Aerial work platform insulating material to prevent altitude operation during a lightning storm

Please kindly noted follows:


1. Non-professional maintenance workers should not do any maintain work. Maintenance operations in all installation, assembly, maintenance and demolition lifting platform pump stations and other components, must not have any internal pressure (the pressure is zero), there should be no load on the aerial work platform.

2. Before performing any maintenance on the pump stations and maintenance, please power off the lift platform motors and other electrical equipment. And all above should be done by qualified personnel.

3. Before maintenance or disassemble of a non-motor-driven hydraulic pump station (such as pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical), please cut off all power sources of aerial working platform and make sure the hydraulic station is under no power source status.


If there is any question, please feel free to tell us. Specialized technical workers are always here and serve for yo