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Pothole protection device of electric scissor lift

Electric scissor lift can carry man with some tools for aerial work. Like electrocircuit examination, inspection, equipment maintain, building cleaning in airport, theatre, industrial plants or other high buildings. This lift platform is one of the matured & most enjoyable products. Operator just control lift to move forward, backward and steering on work platform. Self-driven system enable user’s work more flexible and convenient. That’s why most people call this unit, self propelled scissor lift. It provides free, fast, efficient and safe work condition for customers. Two models of self propelled scissor lift are designed for better choice based on capacity, power and use site. Including battery power & diesel power.


Electric scissor lift is driven by battery, mostly used indoor or relatively flat ground. Of course, scissor lift may walk in some sites which are a little uneven. Grade ability of electric scissor lift is 20%~25%. Pothole protection device would work and keep whole machine in safe condition when over 25%.  


Work process:

1.      1. Hydraulic rod would rise up when scissors mechanism keeps clear of rod.



2   . 2. Sensor on pothole protection plate will make platform fall down to reduce the ground clearance of electric scissor lift to prevent further movement of lift.


Pothole protection device could guarantee safety of operator on work platform to avoid personal injury. This device is just one small part to electric scissor lift. But it has good effect in customer’ use. Every detail we focus on is for customer’s safety and more convenient. Work ability of electric scissor lift is not only height. The base of height is safety. We prefer to try our best to assure you our best service for you. If any questions or need, please do not hesitate to tell us. We will try to answer you in ten hours.