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Safety of Towable Boom Lift

Towable boom lift can be easily transported between different sites for aerial work. .Narrow single door width is suitable for internal use in atriums, warehouses, theatres, shopping centers, etc. Max. height could up to 53.3m. How to guarantee the safety when work? Here offer you some instruction for reference.

1. Adjustable height and width of track enable boom lift to be used in different road condition.
2. Dual computer control, man-machine interaction, LCD for clear operation
3. Dual power source, 220V AC power and diesel engine for option based on different use site.
4. Emergency decline valve, which let operator on work bucket fall down safely when meet emergency.
5. Built-in pipeline, to avoid damage or destroy due to various weathers or work condition.
6. Space between support legs could be adjusted according to field use.
7. Equipped with overload protection device and emergency stop valve. 
8. Engine will turn off automatically when temperature is too high or oil pressure is too low.
9. Travel system, rotation system and small beam are all with buffer function. To keep operator in comfort working situation.
10. Emergency system could ensure boom part retract safely if any fault on engine.
11. Every operation is with indication, warning and limitation function.

To hydraulic system of boom lift:
1. With automatic relieving function.
2. Double filtration facility

On chassis:
1. Traveling braking system, to control travel speed to guarantee operator's controlling in case of slide on slope.
2. Pivot steering. Flexible movement, save time and improve work efficient.
3. Outrigger self-leveling, keep boom lift stable always when working. Allow boom lift work on slope.
4. Large size of track chassis on ground is with low pressure. Suitable for muddy road. 

Besides, ultrasonic anti-collision alarm and pedal of outriggers can be adopted as user’s preference.

We prefer to pay more attention on details of safety. If you have any other questions about our boom lift. Welcome to contact us directly. Or learn more product info via our sinolifter website. Let’s provide you more lift solution.