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Truck loading and unloading solutions from MORN

MORN lift could provide you many ways for truck loading and unloading, today we'd like to introduce the common ways in different work situations.

Mobile loading container ramp is used for loading and unloading goods from container or truck, it is very popular in warehouse, wharf, logistics center, factory and other working place, the mobile dock loading ramp will be perfect working with forklift truck, can save much labour force and improve work efficiency. Pls see the following pictures, during the mobile loading ramp, the forklift truck could go to the container easily and could improve the work efficiency and save much labor power and time.

Stationary dock leveler is usually fixed in the pit, is the auxiliary equipment for cargo loading into container or truck,its height is adjustable according to the height of the truck.

Loading Dock Lift is one item of stationary scissor lift, it is widely used for lifting a forklift to transfer goods between warehouse and trucks.You will save the high cost of loading dock constructions, work from any truck bed level to grade level and handle unstable loads quickly and safely with MORN Loading Dock Lift, we accept customized.

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