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How to choose a mast lift?

 When we want to do repair works or get something at higher level in buildings, factories, hotels, airports, a mast lift is a good tool to solve your problem. Morn vertical mast lift,as one kind mobile man lift ranges from 4m to 20m,capacity from 100kgs to 200kgs. This mast aluminum lift is using the strongest materials, made of high strength aluminium alloy. Very stable to do aerial works.

How to choose a best model then?

Single-mast lifts(4-10m)
It is more suitable for indoor use. Single-mast lifts will help control balance, it can be placed any place, and covers an small area , intensive consumption. When you use a single-mast lifts, usually does not cause ground damage, very convenient to work, there are no dead ends.For example: star hotel, a large plant. When this hoist attachment, often used in movie theaters, city hall, and so on.

Two-mast lift( 8-14m)
The kind of lift can support more people jobs, its legs are strong, are excellent cargo platform. Its stable performance make user like.
 When you do decorating, cleaning, installing led lights,it will be the best lift for you.

Three&Four-mast lift(14-20m)
This lifts have four masts to ensure its stability.
 It is often used for hotels, buildings, plant maintenance and other industries.
There are also auxiliary column lifts, mainly play a supporting role.

Contact MORN if this one man lift meet your requirement. Our engineer team could supply you perfect lift solution.