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How to compare scissor lift manufacturers

Hydraulic lift platform could not compared from the lift picture, we need compare the lift quality from lift process. Below is the lift process from Morn and other scissor lift manufacturers

1.Material cutting

All the material cutting by the CNC machine .1. The dimension is supremely accurate. 2. Some scissor structure and other connections is smooth, avoid any working noisy.3. Connections without space

2.Morn as scissor lift manufacturers, the rust remove by shot blasting machine.

1. High production efficiency. 1 hours shot blasting machine work equals 2 days manual work, which also reduces production delivery time.

2. Comprehensive and thorough rust remove effect with certain degree rough surface of steel make the afterwards painting process more easy and paintings will not easy to get off. 

3. It improves the adhesive power of steel surface and increase the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance ability, extends the service lift of product.

4. The rust remove grade equivalent to Swedish rust remove standard Level Four.

3. Morn as scissor lift manufacturers, the painting by Anti-static plastic spraying painting

Anti-static plastic spraying painting advantage

Improves the appearance and quality of product. The surface plastic coating has outstanding characters of sturdy and durable, acid-resisting and alkaliresisting than normal oil painting. The coating also has high performances in mildew proofing, salt fog proofing and insulating property.

1. High production efficiency, short product delivery time

2. uniform painting with better adhesive power, extends the product's life span and nice appearance.

3. the painting has higher hardness, easy for installation and assemble. it is less likely to be scratched when using.

4. The plastic spraying painting is environmental friendly, having no health risk to painting operating workers or product users.

5. Product after plastic spraying painting is easy to clean.

Finally, client installed the good quality scissor lift outdoor, after long time use, the picture as below