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How to install the wheelchair lift

Morn as vertical wheelchair lift supplier, design and produce good quality wheelchair lift to clients is our aim, Some clients after bought wheelchair lift and test lift quality, they wanna to buy wheelchair lift for sale to open local market. In order to supply good service to client, we list the wheelchair lift installation as follows

1.Prepare installation position

Morn will supply tools, all the tools in tools box.

2.Put the machine in right position.

Keep the installation position clearing. And ground is flat

3.Ground installation of lift

4.Wall installation of lift

5.Add hydraulic oil 

In winter, wheelchair lift us 32# hydraulic oil, and during summer use 46# hydraulic oil. 

6. Connect the floor post button to the machine

6.Connect power supply 

7.Test machine for several times (operate lift by control panel and remote control) 

Test all the control button, especially stop, up, down and emergency decline without no people on the platform. After test, the lift could be load people.

Wheelchair lift installation is so easy, hope more and more client are interesting do Morn wheelchair lift agent. Morn vertical wheelchair lift is also could be produced according to client installation size.