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How to maintain scissor lift in summer

 Summer day when the air temperatures up to 30-40 degrees, wind and sun, showers, a lot of self propelled scissor lift are in outdoor work, so in the summer faced the test can imagine. So how should we do in summer self propelled scissor lift maintenance work?
1. Surface waxing
Summer self propelled scissor lift body paint surface, in the hot sun will accelerate the aging, fading or even fall off. Thus, the owner of the summer should focus on doing the paint protection against oxidation corrosion paint. Car owners first need to clean, dirty and observe whether there is obvious paint scratches, paint by hand, if necessary friction, to see whether smooth. Under normal circumstances, the paint becomes old, minor scratches and other issues, the available local polishing sandpaper grinding, polishing, and the whole car waxing, sealing glaze, coating and other processing. In particular finish sealing glaze car, like having a layer of the cloak hood on a vehicle body, no longer afraid of ultraviolet radiation and acid-base, sand erosion.
2. Engine cooling
The engine is the core of self propelled scissor lift, for use in summer a little longer, it is easy to cause the engine to overheat, when engine overheating occurs, we should determine decisively and quickly disposed of, summarized the following manner: (1) Determine whether there is cooling water, or water completely out of water (2)In addition to completely out of water, "dry", but can not immediately turn off (3)With irrigated radiators, non-twist water cover (4)Should be thoroughly dry additional disposal.
3. The security personnel considerations:
Personnel working in the scissor lift platform at high temperatures need to have a comfortable environment, will have to maintain the normal operation of air inside the lift, but also posted again for the professional solar film lift glass to prevent excessive ultraviolet incident, allowing the scissor lift driver the driver and passenger remain relatively comfortable state, with a clear mind driving a lift, so it is possible to avoid a series of man-made accidents; at the same time a large amount of summer rain, the wipers is particularly important and must be carefully examined promptly replaced.
4. The tire of protection:
High summer temperatures, tire pressure tire will continue to rise, often have a flat tire accidents while driving speeding, overloading or emergency brake is easy to cause a puncture. Therefore, due to lower tire pressure, tire change or to charge more stable physical properties is difficult to use expanded or deflated helium cooling down approach, although this method is not favorable for a long time with it, but after all the safety and ongoing work is the first one.
Some described above which are most frequently encountered in the summer and should be done in advance to prepare several jobs, hot summer work can not be blind pursuit of speed, suggesting: safety first, should pay attention to the problem must not be careless.