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How to operate the trailer boom lift

 We are main to produce Trailer boom lift for 10 years in China, and have a good performance cost, got good feedback from our client. Maybe you have questions about how to operate the boom lift, please don't worry about it, we will tell you that the detailed operation of the trailer boom lift. we are a professional trailer boom lift supplier, and this trailer boom lift  is our advantage product.

First we should pull the trailer boom lift on a ground floor, and the legs stretched out spending, the machine has four control knobs, we can up and down the knobs to adjust the legs, please see the photo as below. 

Secondly when the four legs supporting the ground, we will get into the work platform, there have many buttons on the platform, including Ⅰ boom, Ⅱ boom, telescopic boom, Rotation, scram button. When you press the Ⅰ boom button, and pull the control knob up, then the mechanical arm will raise. when you press the Ⅱ boom button, and pull the control knob down, then the mechanical arm will down. Press the rotation button that the mechanical arm will  rotate.

We are a good supplier of trailer boom lift China, and our boom lift has been sent more than 50 countries in the world, if you buy boom lift from us, we will provide the detailed operation instruction to you, you can operate the boom lift according it.