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How to operate wheelchairl lift safely

 The wheelchair lift (vertical platform lift) makes your porch or deck more easily accessible. Now as many handicapped persons and elderly become increasingly active in business and socially, requirements for compact, moderately priced equipment to overcome vertical barriers also increase.

The MORN brand Wheelchair Lift is a compact, easy-to-operate alternative for any site requirement where a ramp would be architecturally unsuitable or unattractive.

How to operate a wheelchairl lift safely and correctly? Morn lift has professional manuals for you. Then the wheelchair lift can be used for longer time.

Safety Information for you

(1) Do not stand under the lift during lifting or descending;

 (2) Keep no person and goods under the lift before descending;

(3) Keep the workplace clean;

(4) Fill lubricating oil when the lubrication point runs tight;

 (5) Fill 32# hydraulic oil to the hydraulic oil tank in time;

 Warranty for you

(1) All the machines will be full tested before shipment.

(2) The total machine guarantee for 12 months.

(3) 24 hours technical support-- email, telephone or video online.

Mornlift as the biggest vertical wheelchair lift suppliers in north of China, is focus on developing better products all the time. We upgrade the wheelchair lift for sale in 2015. Now it is top-rated products in the market. Any inquiry, kindly contact us.