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How to operate the cargo lift

Morn cargo lift is on the hot sale now, goods lift are produced according to client requirements. and many agents in different country.

1.Before use cargo lift fro sale, please kindly check the safety rope, hydraulic oil pipe, electric connection, limit switch, emergency stop, confirm the lift working site safety. And then operate the lift.
2.During goods lift for sale working, the safety rope wear, please kindly stop lift work
3.Cargo need in the center of the cargo lift, and it could not exceed the platform. And Closed the platform door, prevent the goods out of platform during lift up and down.
4.Operate the cargo lift need by professional worker.
5.If meet some problem as below, please kindly stop the cargo lift immediately.
A.Start the lift, only motor working, goods lift for sale could not lifting up or down.
B.Cargo lift for sale lifting up/down with big vibration and noise
C.Any other people found the emergency situation
Optional suggestion
1.Add the overload warning
2.Cargo lift for sale with the mesh cover
3.With anti fall device prevent lift down after lift up
4.Platform gude rail door with interlock