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MORN Trailer boom lift updated design

Morn as trailer boom lift manufacturer, trailer boom lift is usually redesign, to make trailer boom lift more safety and operate conveniently.

1. Trailer boom lift adopt Italy famous  “VIS HYDRAULICS” brand Solenoid valve, Spillover valve & Throttling valve, and Balanced valve is America Hydraforce brand. We never receive complaint for Oil leakage.

2.Boom up & down speed and outrigger shrinkage speed could be adjusted by operating control button.

3.Platform control button of trailer boom lift by new operation bar, operation is more easily. 

4.Trailer boom lift could stop work immediately by pressure sensor, if overload, alarm will be working.

5.We add extra Lowering valve on every arm, not Manual. Operator could make trailer boom lift down immediately, which is more conveniently & save labor.Instead the manual emergency decline.