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Routine maintenance of scissor man lift


Aerial working platform can used for maintenance, installation, painting or others. When we using the lifter, we need to notice the routine maintenance of scissor man lift.

1, Aerial work platform through after 200 hours operation, replace the hydraulic oil and clean the tank, replace the filter. Under normal circumstances, pls clean oil box once every six months, using the occasion in more sand dust, oil change intervals should be shortened as appropriate.

2, The hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil must be kept clean at a constant temperature of 0-40 ℃ areas, usually using ordinary HL-N46 hydraulic oil. On the temperature difference between the relatively large area, low temperature hydraulic oil is recommended for winter use.

3, Self propelled scissor lift after initial use or the use of long-term storage, so that the agencies should load repeated action several times to exhaust air in the hydraulic system, tubing joints can loosen the emission of air, if necessary, and then put the connector and tighten.

4, The relief valve adjustment It is set to vent pressure relief valve of the hydraulic system of 16MPa, when the system pressure fluctuations or foreign objects stuck relief valve core, the relief valve must be cleaned to adjust, under normal circumstances, Panasonic relief valve plug guard , increasing pressure from right-handed plug system with a flat, whereas the pressure is reduced, such as stuck, shall release the plug completely, pour the spool and spring cleaning and seat together, and then re-install and adjust the pressure to predetermined value.

5, The adjustment of spill valve In the course of scissor structure movements, such as the emergence of too fast or too slow, can be achieved by adjusting spill valve so that the lifter movements smooth, twist the plug clockwise to reduce speed, and vice versa counterclockwise to increase speed, tone and tighten after and cap.

6, Regularly check the oil line hard pipe, hose without abnormal deformation damage, all fittings and operating valve interface leaks oil, found the problem promptly.

7, Each of the platform relative to the moving parts, should be strictly in accordance with the requirements lubricated.

8, Electric scissor lift should be parked in the garage, open place should cover tarps. When the platform is not used for a long time, should be kept sealed. And check once a month, according to the provisions of the tires qi, every month should be a platform for no-load operation and check the operation of the agencies, identify problems in time.

9, lubrication of the periodic table

SPS Series electric scissor lift should be strictly lubrication and maintenance requirements in the following table

Daily or refueling 

Check the parts are good or bad

Check hydraulic oil level and color

Every 250 hours or 3 months

Change lubricating oil

Check cylinders

Every 500 hours or 6 months

Check tubes, pipes and valve

Every 1000 hours or 1 year

Change hydraulic oil 

Grease rotation bearing and wear pads

Every 2000 hours or 2 years

Check hydraulic tank, lid and vent

Note: Maintain the chassis according to the chassis service manual