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Self-propelled scissor lift operation

No.1 control the lifting up and down from the top platform. Push the button 1 and at the same time clench the button 6. Scissor lift will be lifting up and down

No.2 Turn left and right button. Push No.2, and change the button No.5 left and right. Scissor lift will turn right and left.

No.3 Moving speed controller, control the move speed fast and slow

No.4. Waning horn.

No.7 Display screen, any operation will be showed here.

No.8 Total power switch. Before use scissor lift push up it. After use push down it

No.9 Recharge battery socket.

No10 Battery indicate. If the battery recharge full, the light change green.

No.11 Emergency decline. If there is no power or meet any emergency. Push out the button the scissor lift will down

No.12 Controller on the scissor lift bottom

No.13 Change controller button. If turn right, we only control self propelled scissor lift by top platform button. Turn left, the scissor lift only controlled by bottom controller.

No.14. Control scissor lift up and down

No.15. Restart scissor lift button

No. 16 Emergency stop