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The safety of single man lift from Morn

Single man lift height from 3m to 10m, load capacity max 150kg. One man lift weigh is light, so one worker could move the lift from one place to another place easily. And one man electric lift dimension is small, worker move the lift in/out door easily.

Single man lift price is up to lift height, load capacity 100kg or 150kg, and the lift safety. Different hydraulic one man lift manufacturer design the lift is not the same, so the price is big difference. One man lift from Morn for sale with six support legs, many other manufacturer produce the aluminum lift with four support legs.

All the single man lift for sale the platform is skidproof, guarantee the worker safety. And around platform with 1100mm handrail. This design is according to CE standard.

Morn single man lift already have many agents in different country, and many customer visit us to check the lift quality. If you are still consider which manufacturer is better, welcome to visit Morn factory.