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What MORN dock leveler updated now?

Stationary dock leveler is widely used in warehouse, station, wharf, warehousing logistics base, postal transportation, logistics distribution etc.

dock leveler

The standard loading capacity of dock leveler varies from 5t to 15t, platform size 2500x1000mm, 
working range up 400mm, down 300mm. 
All details parameters can be customized according to your requirements.

Nowadays we have made many updates of our dock leveler surface treatment and technics. 
1) We adopt plasma cutting machine cut steels instead of manual work;

2) We use combined shot-blast machine to do the rust removing rather than manual work, 
the rust remove effect is totally different with these two treatments, 
which also related the long time service performance of leveler; 

3) We paint two times anti-rust painting before surface painting;

4) Other Professional Production Equipment and Facilities

warehouse dock leveler

For more details please kindly check below test working movie before shipment: 

Any interest please feel free to contact us.