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What is new for the trailer boom lift 2016

Morn trailer boom lift has an outstanding working envelope and intuitive controls that allow operators to efficiently reach where they need to be.

· Rugged and heavy-duty, yet lightweight enough to use on lawns, slate or gymnasium floors

· Extension boom with self-leveling platform

· Variable-speed control system

· Hydraulic outriggers with outrigger interlocks and illuminated outrigger indicators

· 359˚non-continuous turntable rotation

· AC power to platform

· Tilt alarm/sensor

· Forklift pockets

· Dual pneumatic jockey wheels for precise positioning during setup


We are always making better product for users. Now the trailer boom lifts have 7 points updated for better user experience. We show here 1 point updated which is better than other brand products in China market.

Other's  using emergency lowering system to lower the platform manually in case of power failure. Morn using 3 lowering valve at 3 booms to lower the platform, easier and quicker.


Morn Group as a professional trailer boom lift supplier in China, we will supply you full support to every buyer. If you have buying plan, kindly contact us.