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Installation of wheelchair lift


Wheelchair lift is widely used for hospital, bank, hotel, school, station, shopping mall, residential buildings, and so on. Help elder people, children or disabled people overcome the obstacle for stair.

However, there is a problem for handicapped lift, after package, it is “L” shape due to the dimension of lifter. Therefore, the information of high shipping charge is fed back to us by our many customers.

For this reason, our engineer updated the design of vertical platform lift for wheelchairs. The platform can be detachable. And the material is aluminum profile with light weight and high strength. Not only help customer save shipping cost, but also the install is very easy.

When you received the lifter, you need to do some installation work. Take it easy. It is very easy. These are some steps as follows:
A. Installation preparation:
1. Prepare installation position
Clean use site. Ensure the concrete on ground is not less than 200mm.
2. Put the machine in installation site
3. Ground installation of lift
Fix the bottom of wheelchair platform on the ground by bolt, and tighten the nut. Like the picture as follows:

B: Wall installation
Installation the vertical platform lift for wheelchairs to the wall by fixed plate, and you can adjust the distance by the sliding block. And after adjusting the distance, fix the plate on the wall by bolt. Pls check the picture.

C. Everything is ok, connect the power, test the machine.

And you can operate the outdoor wheelchair lift by control panel on the platform and remote controller.

If you have any questions about wheelchair lift and installation, welcome to contact us. Our telephone no is 0086-531-55572829.