The following is model list for your reference.

Model Capacity Lifting Height Platform Size Outer Dimension Packing Dimension Min Height Motor Power
WL0.25-1.2 250kg 1200mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x2050mm 2300x1300x450mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-1.6 250kg 1600mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x2450mm 2700x1300x450mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-2.0 250kg 2000mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x2850mm 3100x1300x450mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-2.4 250kg 2400mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x3250mm 3500x1300x450mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-2.8 250kg 2800mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x3650mm 3900x1300x450mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-3.2 250kg 3200mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x4050mm 2300x1600x500mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-3.6 250kg 3600mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x4450mm 2700x1600x500mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-4.0 250kg 4000mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x4850mm 2700x1600x500mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-4.4 250kg 4400mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x5250mm 3100x1600x500mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-4.8 250kg 4800mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x5650mm 3100x1600x500mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-5.2 250kg 5200mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x6050mm 3500x1600x500mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-5.6 250kg 5600mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x6450mm 3900x1600x500mm 90mm 1.5KW
WL0.25-6.0 250kg 6000mm 1400*900mm 1430x1500x6850mm 3900x1600x500mm 90mm 1.5KW


Vertical platform lift is widely used in home, residence community,
library, bank, airport, train station and other public places, where there is barrier for normal access.

wheelchair application
wheelchair application
wheelchair application
Train station
wheelchair application


bottom safety sensor

Bottom safety sensor

Stop immediately while touching object.

Automatic ramp with protection function

Automatic ramp with protection function

It can turn up to max 75°when lifting and prevent the wheelchair from going out. And also used for ramp where the wheelchair goes in and out.

Emergency down button

Emergency down button

Platform can be lowered by manual down button in case of power failure.

Doors with interlocking system

Doors with interlocking system

Doors are locked when lift moves, and lift could work only doors are closed.

Anti-falling device

Anti-falling device

Anti-falling device will prevent platform falling if chain breaks.

IP66 grade electrical parts

IP66 grade electrical parts

Prevent people from electric shock even lift suffers from raining.


wheelchair lift
  • Landing door

  • Platform door



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