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3 units 10t mobile dock ramp exported to Chile

We exported 3 units 10t electric mobile dock ramp to Chile this week. The new customer is introduced by our local regular customer. He is very satisfied with our ramp and put the ramps in his warehouse as demo when the ramp isn’t used. Many customers contact us directly to buy the ramp after visiting his warehouse, such as this new customers.

Details of the mobile dock ramp.

1. Electric control box and pump

It is more convenient to rise the ramp with AC power. You can adjust the lifting height with the control handle. It saves man strength and time for you. 

2. Professional packaging for you.

We put 3 units together into a 40ft container to save shipping cost for you. And use the pearl wool to protect the guardrail and fix the ramp to the container to ensure you receive the intact machine.

3. Spare parts

We send you Three Direct Links, Oil seals and screws as spare parts. We send you the parts that needed to change frequently for free, to make you enough using. You don’t need to buy them specially. 

As the Christmas Day and Chinese Spring Festival are coming soon, the mobile dock ramps are on stock for the promotional event. The price is cost-effective with the strong quality.

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