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Establish friendly relationship with Costa Rican customers

Last month, we established a friendly relationship with a client in Costa Rica. The cooperative product is a standard cabin wheelchair lift. MORN's products are consistent with the requirements of customers in terms of safety, beauty and practicality, so the customers choose us.

The client's scene site is a two-floor cozy building. Due to the small indoor area, the customer wants to install the lift outside. Since it is always rainy in Costa Rica, we recommend home cabin wheelchair lift to our customers to avoid getting wet when using. The client wants to open a door on the first and second floor respectively, so that the elderly on wheelchair can enter the elevator from the room and arrive to the other floor. Therefore, our professional design team gives the client one side entrance and exit opening way design, and draws the design drawing according to the client's scene pictures, which makes the client very satisfied. Just a few days ago, the lift production was completed and will be sent to the customer for installation.

1. The frequency converter
Frequency converter makes the lift more stable and do not vibrate in the process of up and down. Customers can also adjust the speed of the lift by themselves through the frequency converter.

2.Double chains:
The higher safety factor of double chain makes the lift safer in the process of rising up and going down, which greatly reduces the possibility of chain breaking.

3.Anti-falling measures for broken chain:
In case of the break of the chain, the elevator of MORN can fully guarantee the safety of the user. The anti-fall device will stick the card slot within 0.2s after the break of the chain, which ensure the platform would not fall down.

4.Packed in wooden cases
The packing of wooden cases will protect the goods from damage during shipment

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