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MORN Trailer Scissor Lift Design Upgraded

As an aerial work equipment, trailer scissor lift is playing an increasingly significant role in modern aerial work industrial. Treasuring the goal of manufacturing the safest and most reliable  humanization operation design for worldwide users, MORN has been striving to walk in the forefront of technological innovation and sustainable development. 


Recently, One South Africa customer need 4 sets mobile scissor lift used for aerial maintenance. Owning the work room limited. The platform should be customized as 1*3m. After discussing customer all requirements, our engineer made a suitable plan for our South Africa customer. And took this opportunity upgrade moveable scissor lift design. 

Here are some points we updated:

1. Battery auxiliary work: Owing the machine self weight is too big. It will be difficult to pull it by one person. Generally need 2-3 persons to remove equipment machine. To make it convenient for people use, improve work efficiency and save cost. Auxiliary work be added on handle  shank. Its function including go forward, back up, emergency stop, sheer off.

1. Extension platform: As the name implies, it will extend work range, break room limited.  

Single side table extension and double sides table extension all could be made. It will subject to customer special requirements.

1. Control box update: New control box add the switch knob, power screen display. More convenient for use.

MORN as professional small electric scissor lift table manufacturer in China, has provided scissor lift platform for more than 56 customers around the world, and customer feedback is very good.

Please feel free to contact us, if there's any interest or need, kindly let us know what lifting height is right for you before quotation sheet. We will always at service for you.