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3 Features Make Bahrain Customer Satisfied with MORN Home Enclosed Wheelchair Lift


Home enclosed wheelchair lifts are mainly used to carry a wheelchair lift, or one or two elder people from one floor to another. Which can be fully customized according to your local situation.



We today just received Bahrain customer satisfied feedback photos of home enclosed wheelchair lift. The enclosed wheelchair lift is installed in his villa beside stairs, and the installation space is very limited. Main parameters are listed as following:

Lifting height 3770mm

Platform size:900mm*550mm

Car size: 1000mm* 750mm*2000mm(L*D*H)  


Here arranged three key features of our enclosed wheelchair lift for your better understanding.


1. Received in good condition

As our enclosed wheelchair lift was well packed by films and then put into a steel framed plywood case, finally fixed with high strength wire steel in container.


2.Easy installation &Save room

Just hang up and make the lift stand straight with hoisting hook, fix the tower basement plate with bolt screw. Then Driven by our reliable hydraulic system the lift travels up and down a rail system enclosed in the lift tower so no machine room is needed. Which is very important when customers installation room is limited.

3.Fully sets of safety devices and Advanced configuration

-Safety sensor --Lift will be stopped immediately once meet any obstacles during descending.

-Manual down button ---Which is used when power off, easy down by manual power.

-Manual doors with interlocks---Protect people in the platform. The lift will not work if the door is open.

-Three control ways make the operation easiest--Control panel on platform, column control on each floor and remote control.

-Light inside the carbine, anti-skid platform, hand rails offer you a comfortable safe user experience.


All MORN enclosed wheelchair lifts are lightweight and dependable and offer smooth, quiet performance. Whether you need an enclosed wheelchair lift for residential or commercial use, we have the right model for you. Contact MORN today for easier access solution!