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New product launched--MORN upgrade mobile scissor lift

Owning eighteen-years design and manufacturing experience, MORN keeps upgrading the manufacturing technique in hydraulic lift equipment field. This year we upgraded the technique of mobile scissor lift again. Let’s unveil the new lifts to all customers home and abroad.


First, safety device upgrade.


1. Interlocking outriggers added The lift can no be operated only when all the four outriggers are fully open.

2. Leveling adjustment added. To work at horizontal ground is the essential condition for aerial work lifts. We added leveling adjustment to ensure the whole lift chassis stays a horizontal state, so that workers will work with full safety.


Second, lift structure upgrade.


1. New design of semi-drive device. Previous design is only simple device inner whole lift system. Now we added the device to the trailing bar which is more convenient for worker operation.

2. Working platform upgrade. We upgrade the platform to be more stable when closed by adding more fix connections.


Will the scissor lifts raise selling price after so many promotions?


The answer is no. At the year-end period, we will keep the previous prices for the scissor lifts to promote our scissor lift market all over the world. For safety, we always try more design and research work and pay a lot to the promotion. Please leave message about what you need, and MORN sales will reply you with details in time.