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Cheap price self-propelled scissor lift

Self propelled scissor lift is very convenience, and price is higher. Many customer choose the trailing scissor lift. And between trailing scissor lift and self propelled scissor lift, Morn design department make wheel steer scissor lift. The price is more cheaper than self propelled scissor lift. Max lift height could be 12m.

Electric scissor lift with platform extension, lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor, lift and move power are battery. Mobile scissor lift table is widely used for the maintenance, light installations at construction sites, workshops, airports etc. Move and lifting is stable, one people could use lift finish work, it will improve the efficiency.

Lift with folding guardrails, it will protect worker during working. When the scissor lift stored, folding guardrails will save the space.

One people could control lift movement, lifting up and down. Wheel steer scissor lift with emergency stop and other safety parts.