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Mobile dock ramp exported to Peru

We exported 2 units 8t mobile dock ramp to Peru for our regular customer. After using the previous ramp for three years, he decided to buy two more when he extend the warehouse. 

Here share some details in advantage of the upgraded mobile dock ramp.

1. Platform: Anti-skid steel grid mesh, 50*50mm square size, 30mm height, 5mm thickness steel mesh. It make the platform solid and it has longer service life.

2. When moving the board bridge, the forklift tooth is inserted into the traction hole (as the below picture shown), and frame the chain around the forklift. Then the ramp will be free to moved.

3. Safe suspension hook: The suspension hook on both sides can hook the container locking hole and tighten the iron chain which will prevent accidents caused by the sudden start of the trailer.

4. Manual pump: When adjusting height, tighten the one-way valve clockwise. When the ramp and the container are connected, loosen the one-way valve counterclockwise and let the tongue board naturally pick up the container.

MORN ramp bring customers a great using experience with the help of our well designed mobile loading dock ramp. So our customers are constantly returning to the order.

If you need a mobile dock ramp to help you with your working, please don't hesitate to contact us.