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New type container loading ramp from MORN designed for your need

As customers from all over the world have different needs, we design a new style container loading ramp to meet their requirements. We have 8t, 10t, 15t models now for your choice.

1. Main structure 

For the main structure of the container loading ramp, we use high-strength I-beam integrated welding. The structure is more stable, also it has higher strength. For this kind of design, it is more convenient and easy for use, and make the after-sale problems return to nearly zero. The most important, a 40ft container can load 3 units of the traditional type. But for the new type, a 40ft can load 4 units. It will save the space and shipping cost for you.

2. Steel grid plate grating platform 

①12mm galvanized steel bar grating for platform.

Galvanized steel has good mechanical intensity and corrosion resistance and weather resistance, which ensure the lift’s 10 years structural warranty at least. Also it can work in the -30℃

~40℃ environment.

Steel bar grating disperses dispersion of pressure on the bridge at the most extent. 

②Polishing rusting and spraying plastic

The surface of ramp is more smooth after polishing rusting. Spraying plastic makes the ramp has good corrosion resistance, also it is an environmental protection process. 

Our new design for platform increases the friction of forklift tire and platform. It makes the whole working progress more safe, and also can extend service life of container loading ramp.

3.Solid tire

The solid tire has longer service life than the pneumatic one. It reduces the risk of flat tire. It reduces maintenance cost to zero. 

4. Manual hydraulic power

We use 100*2 hydraulic cylinder as the picture shown and manual hydraulic control for operation. It has almost no failure and maintenance for operation. Just need a handle to adjust the height of the container loading ramp. Manual operation reduces the trouble of maintenance to make your using progress more comfortable. 

More comfortable and convenient design MORN give you

These new type container loading ramps with their more comfortable using experience and more cost-effective freight, it must become popular all over the word quickly. Welcome to contact us!