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MORN LIFT Company specializes in scissor lift for more than 18 years. Our products have been exported to many countries. And we received much good feedback. Why MORN scissor lifts are so popular? Because our products have many advantages, such as mature manufacturing equipment, first-class production technology, professional technicians, etc. Today, we will talk about some safety devices of MORN scissor lift.


1. Anti-explosion Value

In case of hydraulic pipe fracture and the hydraulic oil leak out, we install anti-explosion valve in the oil outlet. If this happened, anti-explosion value will work to prevent the platform fall down, so it will protect the safety of the goods and workers.


2. Manual decline valve

If the power cut out suddenly or other emergency circumstances, the platform will be stopped in midair. But we neednt to worry, because we have manual decline valve. We could manually make the platform come down to ground floor by manual decline valve. Its very safe.


3. Safety trip bar

Safety trip bar is installed under the platform. During the descent of scissor lift, if safety trip bar touch something, the lift will stop immediately. It will protect the safety of the goods and workers.


4. Skid-proof platform

The platform of MORN scissor lift is made of checkered steel plate, it will prevent people and goods slipping down.


5. Dismountable guardrail

The guardrail is dismountable. You can install or uninstall it according to your need. It will protect the goods from slipping down during the lifting.


After reading this article, you will have a further understanding about MORN scissor lift. If you need lift products, feel free to contact us. MORN can give you a high quality machine.