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Last week, I went to MORN factory. We tested the stainless steel wheelchair lift for our Bahrain client. This stainless steel wheelchair lift was bought last month. And we spend 20 working days in producing this wheelchair lift. Following is the specification:
1. Lifting height: 2500mm
2. Load capacity: 250kg
3. Platform size: 1400*900mm 

4. loading and unloading direction: 90° in and out          

In order to provide a high quality wheelchair lift for our client, we need to check every details. First, we checked control panels. We checked all panels to insure that every one is good.


Second, we tested the interlocking system. During the lifting, the door can’t be opened. Interlocking system will protect people.


Third, we tested the bottom safety sensor. If there are anything under the lift, when the bottom safety sensor touches it, the lift will stop immediately.


Forth, we checked the motor. According to our clients need, the voltage is 220V, 50HZ, single phase. But because the wheelchair lift used a transducer. So we used three phase. As shown below.

In addition, we also tested the manual down button. When power fails, the lift will stop in midair, and now we can use manual down button. It will make the lift land on the floor.


MORN LIFT specialized in cargo lift for 18 years. Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries. Many customers gave us good feedback. All of these can ensure that you will receive a high quality machine from MORN. No matter what lift you want, we can provide a satisfying product for you.