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Vehicular articulated boom lift for Tunisia customer

Asfor the vehiculared boom lift is used for maintenance or aerial work, canalso move a short distance. One person drive and another person operate on theplatform, it can move upside and down automatically, be operated both in the upbasket and down drive seat, there are 3 powers for your choice, diesel, AC andbattery.

Last week, two Tunisia customers came to visit us and checked their products for the four vehicular articulated boom lift, for this one, we also could make it towable boom lift,the person or use other power help moving.

According to our talk, they told us that this machine is used popular in Tunisia for maintainance street light, they always imported this boom lift from European before, but now they prepare China products.

Glad to share some pictures that they are operaing in our plant, if you are interested in it, free to contact us by md@sinicmech.com