Home PromotionTrailing boom lift promotion during September

Trailing boom lift promotion during September

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Morn design trailing boom lift from 2013 year, the articulated boom lift already updated design 4 times during past 3 years. Thanks for customers supporting and Morn staff, they supply suggestions for boom lift, and now boom lift already advantage products now. Max lift height already 18m,working height reach to 20m. Only Morn could produce lift height 18m trailing boom lift from China.

In order to open boom lift market soon, during September of 2016, Morn hold promotion, every boom lift discount 10%. Catch opportunity and reach double win.

You may know self drive boom lift, however many customers could not pay the high cost for self propelled boom lift. Trailing boom lift is the best choose, the price is cheaper and more safety. Because towable boom lift with four support legs, keep the boom lift balance during working. Three power for trailing articulated boom lift, battery, electric and petrol engine, or double power(battery and electric, electric and petrol engine, or battery and petrol engine), we could choose the suitable power according to boom lift working site. Like if working indoor, electric lift power is good choice,if sometimes you use boom lift for cleaning window or maintain building, electric and battery power boom lift is very suitable. If working on the road for maintain street light, petrol engine lift power is suitable.