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Wheelchair Vertical Lift

The wheelchair lift is specially engineered to increase mobility of people who are disabled and cannot travel from floor to floor within a home or building. It eliminates the obstacles that come with climbing the stairs, and raises or lowers them so they have access to the basement, balcony, and higher floors within the home. They’re also used in public places like libraries, railway stations, cinemas, banks, hotels, and hospitals. They offer great convenience and increased mobility for people who are disabled, and helps them access the same spaces and resources that are available to the non-disabled.

MORN Wheelchair Lifts were designed by our senior mechanical engineers who combined their cumulative years of technical experience and knowledge to create the perfect lift. This technical expertise shows, as our lift products have been sold and used all across the world.

Of course, safety and convenience are MORN’s top priority when designing equipment. We standardize and configure all of our products to meet the highest safety standards, while maintaining an accessible and affordance price range.

We offer different designs and capabilities to suit your unique needs, so browse our options below! Please reach out if you have any questions, or if you want information about a custom design.

  • MORN LIFT 6m Vertical Home Cabin Wheelchair Lift

    lifting height : 6.0m

    Loading capacity: 250kg

    Platform size : 1430*1000mm

    MORN lift vertical home cabin wheelchair lift features an enclosed and lightweight cabin that keeps users safe and protected. If this lift is installed outside, this also keeps users protected from wind and rain.
  • Handicapped lift LRL0.25-1

    Lifting height: 1000mm (3.28ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg (551lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*900mm (4.69ft*2.95ft)

    To transport people who are disabled and confined to wheelchairs from the ground floor to other floors, the handicapped lift is the best choice.lifting height ranges from 1 meter to 6 meters. They are widely used in hosp..
  • Outdoor wheelchair lift 1.5m from MORN

    Lifting height: 1500mm (3.28ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg(55lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*900mm(4.69ftx2.95ft)

    Outdoor wheelchair lift is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, to provide access between multiple floors or landings. The height is from 1 to 6m, with 250kg capacity.
  • Wheelchair lift for home 2m

    Lifting height: 2000mm (6.56ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg(551lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*900mm(4.69ftx2.95ft)

    This hydraulic wheelchair lift helps those with disabilities to move safely within a multi-floor building. It has a lifting height range of 1 to 6 meters and a 250kg load capacity, making it a popular choice for spaces l..
  • 2.5m vertical platform lifts for wheelchairs

    Lifting height: 2500mm (8.2ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg(551lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*900mm(4.69ftx2.95ft)

    Vertical obstacles that prevent people with disabilities from accessing higher floors are eliminated with this vertical platform lift. Our standard lifts have a lifting range from 1 meter to 6 meters and of course we can..
  • Hydraulic wheelchair lifts 3m

    Lifting height: 3000mm (9.84ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg (551lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*1000mm (4.69ft x2.95ft)

    By installing this lift at home or in a public space, you will help the elderly and people with physical disabilities achieve greater freedom of movement and independence. The lifting height is easy to customize based on..
  • Hydraulic wheelchair lift for the disabled 1M-10M

    Lifting height: 1000mm-10000mm (3.28ft-32.8ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg(551lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*900mm(4.69ft*2.95ft)

    We offer a choice between hydraulic power or screw-driven power for this lift, and it can be installed inside or outside, wherever it is needed.
  • 3.5m electric wheelchair lift from MORN

    Lifting height: 3500mm(11.48ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg(551lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*900mm(4.69ftx2.95ft)

    This lift can be used in indoor or outdoor spaces, anywhere that needs increased access for disabled people or people in wheelchairs. We offer a lifting height that ranges from 1 meter to 6 meters, and up to a 250kg load..
  • 4m wheelchair platform lift

    Lifting height: 4000mm(13.12ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg(551lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*900mm(4.69ftx2.95ft)

    This wheelchair platform lift will help disabled people move from the ground up to 4 meters high, and it holds up to 250kg. You have the choice between a hydraulic or screw-driven power, and of course, we are happy to ch..
  • 5m hydraulic disabled lift

    Lifting height: 5000mm(16.41ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg(551lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*900mm(4.69ftx2.95ft)

    This wheelchair lift has a lifting height range of 1 to 6 meters, and the option of a hydraulic or screw-driven power type. It works well indoors or outdoors, wherever you need to install it. We can always talk about cus..
  • 6m hydraulic handicap lifts

    Lifting height: 6000mm(19.68ft)

    Load capacity: 250kg(551lbs)

    Platform size: 1430*900mm(4.69ftx2.95ft)

    These lifts are widely used in a variety of spaces, including hospitals, hotels, schools, banks, etc. They can also easily be installed in a home for personal use!

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